Jan. 26, 2023

The Background Check Podcast 🕵️‍♂️ Fred Amicucci

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Talking with Fred Amicucci about mixing video into season two of his podcast, atTheBackgroundCheckPodcast.com 📼 

Fred is the VP of Sales & Marketing for DataScreening / Selfie Background Check. He's a fun host to listen to, and would be a great fit for video.  (Pay no attention to how distracted he is in this instance....)

@YouTube   #Shorts are going to blow up your visibility (and possibly engagement) metrics when you adopt for your #podcast.  I've run #highlights from my podcasts this week and garnered 10k views, a significant uptick.

Episode Page: https://www.nichepodcastpodcast.com/the-background-check-podcast/

As important from my perspective is that these video shorts seem to hit the right audience with some regularity. I've gotten dozens of likes and viewer retention is above 50% with several top videos in the 70-88% retention range. (avg)   That is fantastic retention.

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