April 18, 2023

Setup a Free Riverside.fm Podcast Studio

We manage our clients recording... but everyone should setup a free Riverside.fm account for easy recording on the fly.

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🎧 Setup a free Riverside.fm account for audio & video podcasting.

Video Episode Page: https://nichepodcastpodcast.com/free-riverside-fm/

Unlock unprecedented audio and video potential with Riverside.fm. Create innovative recordings in the Studio, then export with powerful features to give your work that added nuance. Sign up for a free account today - unleash nimble creativity at no cost! 📺


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 Okay, this is Riverside FM, that is literally the domain name, Riverside FM. And if you're one of my clients, I'm going to recommend that you set up what is essentially an account of convenience or a burner account. Call it what you want, but if you haven't scheduled in advance and an opportunity presents itself and you want to press a button and record on the fly, a free Riverside account has 2 hours of recording time in it monthly. And so you can keep this in your pocket, use whatever personal or business email you need just to set up an account. It's just name email, pick a password, sign up, confirm your email, they'll send you a confirmation email, click on the link and then you've got a Riverside FM account with 2 hours of recording available in it. And for as little as $15 or $19 you can upgrade that to 5 hours a month. But I don't see that necessary, at least for our clients, as the vast majority of our recording is scheduled in advance, particularly for video, simply because lighting and people want to be their best representation. Although that doesn't mean opportunities won't pop up on the fly. And so. 5s And so in a minute and a half, you can go in name? 19s I put a space in my email address. 14s Okay, so it's as simple as putting in a name, an email, a password, sign up, you'll get a confirmation email. 1s Just go. And so there'll be a quick list here. Who are you? A business owner, an agency, a creator. They'll want you to click on a couple of things just to sort of describe how you're going to use the tool. I'm sure that's for their own development purposes, so they know what to focus on. 1s No interest. And so here's your studio 1 minute process. Gets you 2 hours of recording time. And this is something you can use sort of very nimbly or as opportunities arise. And then you simply give us access to the recordings in this studio and we'll begin our production process as we usually do. So if you're working with us, I highly recommend you shoot over to Riverside FM. Go ahead. Name, address, email name, email, password and you're off to the races. Keep that handy and you'll never miss an opportunity to get something great.