Jan. 19, 2023

Using Zoom for 📷 Video Podcasts

Tom is joined on a Zoom video call by Meg Hoerner to discuss video podcasting logistics. The discussion includes webcams, location, mics, Riverside.fm, and Zoom video. (All links mentioned during the podcast on are the episode page)

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This video was recorded using Megs Zoom app on her iPad. Tom logged into the Zoom call through his computer, using a mic through a Zoom Podtrak p4.

At one point we're discussing Zoom hand signal emojis for use by hosts & guests. You will not see the graphics in question, but can learn more here:

Here is that link to the Think Media video about upgrading your webcam setup: https://www.nichepodcastpodcast.com/blog/webcam-camera-upgrades-for-video-podcasts/


Tom is Head of Niche Podcast Network Product & Projects

-Founder of Legal Podcasting Inc.

-Host of the Niche Podcast Podcast


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