Dec. 30, 2021

Niche Podcast Lawyer - Meg Hoerner ⚖️

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🎙️ Tom is joined by Meg McCormick Hoerner ( ) for a discussion about niche podcasting.  

Find Meg at:

Meg McCormick Hoerner has done an exquisite job of making a splash in her market and recently built a podcast studio to reinforce her NJ legal media presence.

This was recorded during an impromptu test of a webcasting app called Squadcast. It is a very cool product that we entirely misrepresent. It will probably work just fine for small business podcasts if they have reliable internet, good mics, and an editor.

Meg is not mic'd up for the call but the conversation was worth sharing. Meg's podcast (with our standard audio setup) is available at - and on your favorite apps & players.  
Please enjoy this conversation between host & producer.

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