Jan. 4, 2022

Niche Podcast IT Asset Disposition - Jeff Bittner ♻️

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🎙️ Tom is joined by Jeff Bittner, the President of Exit Technologies, Inc. (https://ITADPodcast.com ) for a discussion about niche podcasting.

Using a podcast to generate buzz. 🎧  Jeff Bittner is the President of Exit Technologies Inc., and has been podcasting in the information technology asset disposal niche for about five months. ♻️  Full episodes at https://ITADPodcast.com 

Jeff's podcast is ITAD Talk. He is on pace to put out 75+ episodes in the first six months of podcasting. In fact, he just doubled production to two call/guests a week.    

The podcast has made a splash, and quickly elicited interest, accolades, and acclaim in a very small community - with a huge budget.   

To start a podcast, go to: https://nichepodcast.net/start-a-podcast 🎧  

Check out full Youtube vids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyDfq1mQgRxQCiCZbQacj1Q 

Videos for podcasts: https://nichepodcast.net/videos-for-podcasts 

Niche Podcast Network https://nichepodcastnetwork.com