Jan. 29, 2023

Mighty MERP and Maybe Video with Melissa Rosenblum

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Melissa Rosenblum is a criminal defense attorney in Atlantic City NJ.  You can find her podcast at MightyMERP.com

You may want to watch the video version since this is a conversation about setting up and testing video podcasting. Video version here:https://nichepodcastpodcast.com/mighty-merp-podcast

Melissa (MERP) is kicking off season #2 of her show, with a few cool wrinkles. 

#1: AI generated episode artwork based on her guests bio text submissions. 

#2: Video 

#3: A regular "Crazy Lawyer Stories" segment embedded into long form interview episodes.


This full episode video is available at https://nichepodcastpodcast.com/mighty-merp-podcast 

Law Office of Melissa Rosenblum: https://www.mrp-law.com/  

Criminal Defense Attorney Melissa Rosenblum Discusses Adding Video Podcasting to Her Mighty MERP Show


Podtrack P4: https://www.nichepodcastpodcast.com/blog/zoom-podtrack-p4-podcast-recorder/

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