Jan. 13, 2023

Meg Hoerner re: Christian Barth Interview, Youtube & Video Podcasts

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Law Firm Podcasts | https://LawFirmPodcasts.com Meg McCormick Hoerner is the host of the NJ Criminal Podcast (NJCriminalPodcast.com) and a former prosecutor.  She allows me to record our client/producer conversations.   

-Host of the Bridgeon Beacon Podcast  

-Law Offices of Meghan McCormick Hoerner    

Meg is a former prosecutor and winning trial attorney. She has launched multiple podcasts, and is a veteran resource for law-firms who are exploring the concept.  You can find Meg hosting Season IV of the NJ Criminal Podcast, as well as the Bridgeton Beacon podcast.  With over 50 episodes, Meg's law podcast has generated hundreds of videoss and episodes posted to Youtube and social. Her audience is primarily other attorneys.    


Tom is Head of Niche Podcast Network Product & Projects  

-Founder of Legal Podcasting Inc.  

-Host of the Niche Podcast Podcast  

He's the first guy you should speak with if you'd like to qualify the concept for your firm.   It's always a fun conversation.  What you hear may surprise you.