Feb. 19, 2023

Casey Byrus 😎 Podcast Marketing

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🎧 Episode Page - NichePodcastPodcast.com/casey-byrus-marketing 🎧 Casey Byrus, is a media & marketing maven with a historical focus on legal. She's now moving into contract marketing, and podcast facilitation for a range of topics in various industries.   

Casey was the co-host of the Speakeasy Law Podcast, where she quickly established a valuable skillset for producing and moderating episodes for busy decisionmakers. 

The Speakeasy production was short-lived, and ultimately fizzled... with the one bright spot being Casey, and her ability to raise the energy, pace, and focus of the conversation for all on the podcast.   📺   

#niche #podcasting #contentmarketing #law #legal #lawyer #podcast #video   #voiceover #spokesperson #videoproduction #florida https://NichePodcastPodcast.com   


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