March 8, 2023

First Video Podcast for MERP - Recap

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What happens when you transition from audio to video interviews?   

What kind of traffic & retention should you expect, and how can you multi-purpose your video?  


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 Okay, we are recapping the results of the very first video episode for one of my clients, the Mighty Merp Podcast, a criminal Defense attorney podcast by Melissa Rosenblum, a former public defender, now podcaster and 1s criminal criminal defense attorney who runs a podcast, all sorts of topics. This particular episode was with Eric Lubin of Lamura Law. Eric is the managing partner at Lamura. He and Merp have a long association, and 1s it was a great conversation. There were some highlights in terms of it being very easy to record. This was super easy to produce. And we're using the Riverside platform for the first time with both participants, host and guest. Piece of cake for Melissa, super easy for Eric. I got to chat with him for a minute after we were done. That was just super easy from start to finish was the only feedback I got from him. It was a lot of fun. There were a couple of opportunities, opportunities that anyone who's putting the time and effort into doing a video podcast with just a couple small. 2s Terms of the dial, in terms of preparation, I think you can really upgrade. For example, in this case, the audio, neither participant was using 1s like a mic. 1s Oddly enough, Eric had a wild hailstorm going on during the call, just tumbling the window of his office, which isn't something you usually run into, but it is the kind of thing you can address if you're using a mic in headphones. If you're speaking into a mic, the mic is really focused on you versus the surrounding area. Almost every mic we work with is a mic that, if it's directed at you, what's going on over there isn't even easy for it to pick up, much less the focus of the final product. So 1s that's the only sort of critical critique I have as a producer for the outcome. And we have a guest management system now, shame on me, because we have a welcome page for the attorney guests on the Mighty Merck Show with a video that's like, hey, here's how it works. Here's why you need headsets, here's why you want to use them. Like is you need a quiet environment and good lighting. 2s I'm guessing no one's ever seen that information. It's in a list on a page. There's a video on that same page. But if I were an attorney 1s and I was getting ready to go on a podcast, I'm not sure how much attention I'd be paying to that. So I need to figure out a way so that the next few guests who come on with Merp or with Mag or whoever's doing video that they're using, even if it's a wired headset into their PC, it will give them a much more professional sound quality. All that being said, it's easy to record. We got a great guest in Eric Lubin. We got lots of name drops between Merp and Eric, which is awesome for a podcast because then you can mention those people on the YouTube video in the title or on LinkedIn. You can tag them when you put the post out and it's a great way to get visibility on your content, particularly when you break those name drops out into little highlight clips. So then you end up with all these videos with titles and URLs that you can post that address all these specific sort of other law firms or other businesses or other professionals in your industry if it's your podcast. But the more names you drop in natural conversation and while you're recording, the more people you get to tag, the more businesses you get to tag on YouTube. And it does make a difference in likes, shares and overall visibility. YouTube loves that stuff. 2s First nine days 2s we got about 9.4 thousand YouTube views on the clips with 8.1 thousand unique viewers. So about 14%, 15%, maybe 1s 13% are watching more than one video. 2s We got over 50 the hours of watch time on the clips 2s in the last nine days. And 1s the videos with the most nerdy legal titles are crushing it. The stuff that's catchy cute general conversation, business office stories is not doing well. Everything that super nerdy lawyer talk. Look at this. The number one lawyer is where's my briefing schedule or the number one video is where's my briefing schedule number two is probate law process varies by county. 2s For the love of peak. A more boring title was never written for YouTube clip and that freaking thing has a like almost 100% viewer retention and over a couple thousand views in the first couple, you know, few days it's been out because that's only been up four or five days. The next one 1s uniform trial rules. I mean these, these are nerdy nerdy highlight clip titles and they are far and away leading the pack against other types of like what is a managing partner? There are no emergencies. Law firm marketing committee. 2s I don't know, I was kind of surprised. Probate law process varies by county. Out of the gate with a couple of thousand views 1s and three people subscribed. That's great. And they're watching the video. Most people's videos look like an L. Oh, that's hilarious. Yeah. Probate law process varies by county who would have freaking figured? The SEO results of this conversation between Eric Lubin of a you know, prominent New Jersey law firm lamar Law and Melissa Rosenblum of the Rosenblum Law Firm law office in Atlantic City. 4s Is now Melissa if you google Eric Lubin. 1s Yeah, let's do that real quick. 5s Eric Lubin lemura law. 6s And then I'm going to go here. If you did not know this, this little button that says Tools is the only way you should be looking at Google results to see where you actually show up. Because right now I'm looking at all the results, which includes my previous history, because I'm logged into Google. But if I click on Verbatim here and so now I'm looking at the Verbatim results for Eric Lubin lamiro Law. These are the raw, unfiltered results for anybody who would 1s yeah, that's what I'm oh, I misspelled it. Jesus Christ. All right, I'm going to cut that. 1s So here are the results for Eric Lubin lemura law. And if you didn't know this, this Tools button here to the right of your search bar, click on Tools, click on all results are Verbatim and activate Verbatim. These are the raw, unfiltered search results versus Google factoring in your history, your favorite sites, things that they know you prefer. 3s Them putting their version of what they think you want to see. So this verbatim version of Google results is all that matters if you're trying to see what's going on. And so right here, boom. Fourth resulted. YouTube video with the smiling face of Eric Lubin and Melissa Rosenblum from the podcast. Oh, here's two more on the first page page. 1s And then here's her website. 2s Here's the episode on yes. So here's the episode again. Here's the episode on Apple. 1s It shows up probably ten times in the first 20 results for Eric Lubin, lamar Law, melissa's website does. And so you can see how in a business where you operate by referral and reputation and so forth, how if you have enough guests on from your industry, all of their names and all of their firm names or all of their business names depending on your vertical, they all become signposts back to you on the first page of Google via Apple. Podcast, YouTube all the media that gets thrown out. There prominently for those keywords. And so that worked for Or, Eric Lubin, Lamura Law, they did a name drop of a gentleman named Arthur Murray, who's an attorney. So that's Arthur Murray and Jatarni. 5s All right. And right near the top of 1s Google, on the first page is NJ attorney Arthur Murray is the man on the Mighty Merck podcast YouTube channel. So just by the several seconds it took to drop a name and tell a story in a podcast for the rest of 3s their bit of perpetuity, I would guess we're going to be looking at mighty merp results. That lead back to Melissa Rosenblum and her law firm and herself for all these names and all these firm names that come up in conversation. And so this is effort one 1s the video got, or not the video, but the podcast itself got a whole bunch of visits from when somebody shared it on LinkedIn. I saw that one of the refers was LinkedIn. And so what appeared this episode got? I can only track so many podcast apps. And so it looks like she got probably 100 or so listens on podcast apps. It looks like in that long form again, we're looking at 9.5 thousand 1s listens to clips. And those clips have a retention rate of anywhere from 95% to 57% 74%. So the people who are seeing these clips appear to be properly targeted for targeted for Melissa's content. Otherwise they just swipe and they, you know, nobody's going to sit there for. 3s Even 2 seconds, much less 20 or 25 or 27 or 15, whatever it is. That the clip. So all signs are go. Melissa's going to do a bunch more video. I suspect that Video 2345 and six will get accelerating increases in results as we sort of gain trust as a YouTube channel and continue to leverage video on other channels like Spotify that leverages video. So adding video to the mix right out of the gate. I can tell you these numbers are a bump for a new podcast that doesn't have an extensive YouTube history in any way, shape or form. And name drops are good. The opportunities for improvement are just audio. If I can do a better job of communicating with guests before they meet up with Melissa, and if I can get Melissa to use that fancy ass microphone that she's got and plug it into her computer when we're doing those, I think we've got 2s instead of B audio, we'll get a minus. I think in offices, you're never going to have perfect perfect, but we've got post production editing for that anyway. So that's a look at sort of what went down in the first nine days of this episode. Eric Lubin of Lemura Law. 1s I think it's about just shy of an hour long. This is what the episode page looks like. This is the custom 1s artificial intelligence generated artwork. And the artwork is based on the actual. 2s Content of the conversation. We took the audio, fed it into an AI that summarized it, fed it into another AI that likes to make art with the instruction that it should be sort of an Andy Warhol kind of flat but bold presentation that generates a sense of trust between lawyer and client but using the colors of Merck's podcast for the background. And this is the favorite output that we got, which is is kind of cool. We're playing with AI to the benefit of our guests and clients and it's been pretty neat. I mean, I feel kind of dirty making art with a computer, but this is business. Nine to five, so host audio, guest audio everybody should have mics and headsets, but if you're starting at ten K views short term for your first effort, it's encouraging to think where you might stand when you've done, you know, ten, 1112 video episodes, that kind of thing. So 2s we don't really need to look at that anymore. And that's a recap. 2s Yeah. Nine days, 8.1 thousand uniques. The opportunity is to improve audio. I think that'll help on all points. The first reason I push away from a video is not usually the picture. If the audio is rough and there's one or two spots where there's a hailstorm going on, the audio is not perfect. And when we cut from Merck back to Eric, it's hard to transition out the background on Eric's side. And there's always sort of a second where you might hear that hail. 2s Everybody's learning good shit, though. I can't wait to see how many views this has when she does five or six more that'll point back to the channel. And this continues to collect viewers and subscribers and so forth. So that's it. Long winded. Yappy app.