March 5, 2023

Recording Podcasts with Riverside FM

Make sure to use a headset and microphone when recording on Riverside, and keep in mind that you can be the editor to remove mistakes in real time.

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1- Headphones & Mic are better than not. 

2- No worries about "mistakes" 

3- Plug in your PC/Mac while recording video

4- Pauses are far better than "umm"

3- Allow Riverside fm to upload 100% before exiting the app  

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 Okay, if you are a host and you're going to record on Riverside, or if you're a podcast guest and you're scheduled to record on Riverside, here's a quick couple minute checklist just to keep in mind for this to be a seamless and productive recording in terms of the product on the finished product at the end. 5s Okay, if you're scheduled for a recording as a host or as a guest and you're going to be using Riverside, 3s here's a checklist to run through and a few notes for host and guest and you'll hear what's appropriate for you. But give me a couple of minutes and we'll make sure that the product that comes out on the back end of this production is the best product representing all of us. So you've obviously got a recording scheduled or you're thinking about scheduling a recording. Headset. Use a headset and a microphone. 2s This sound. Nine out of ten times is better if you use a headset and or a headset and microphone or even just a combo headset that plugs into your computer that's got earbuds and a little mic on the cord is generally better sound quality than you yelling at your computer from across your desk. Generally there is hardware that 2s 10% of the time it renders me full of shit, but almost all the time a headset and microphone will prevent things like any sort of feedback that needs to be addressed at the producer level. It will generally make your voice richer and clearer, particularly if you're in an environment where there might be any noise in your background, like other people in your office or landscapers outside with the blower. 2s In terms of making mistakes or being concerned about what you should or should not say, there is no such thing. Don't waste time worrying about what you're going to say. You're a subject matter expert. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation to begin with. That being said, if you do make a mistake or if there's something you want removed in real time, you can be the editor. Simply say, hey, whoa, hang on. Please get rid of that thing I just said. Let me restate that. Here's what I meant to say. Or frankly, just doing that and leaving that whole segment, and often if you've caught it and corrected it, that's kind of how people have conversations. But if you, for example, didn't want anyone to hear the mistake, or perhaps you really put your foot in your mouth, we can cut that out just in real time. Say, you know what? Let's get rid of that. 3s When you're done recording, 2s leave the page open that the Riverside app is on as the guest. So if you're the guest and you're on your phone, I hope not. I hope you're on a computer that's plugged into the wall 2s because your processing capability is better and you ultimately do get a better, cleaner upload if, if there's no issues with power consumption. Don't be running a ton of other apps. Turn off buzzers and ringers all the things that will prevent noise and sort of nonsense 1s outside of that 4s and likes and you knows, 1s write yourself a note. There's nothing wrong with taking a pause, nothing whatsoever. In fact, it's very natural and normal conversation and you wouldn't think about it unless you were recording for a podcast. So if you don't have something to say for a moment, then don't say anything. We don't need an or a, you know, or a like or any of that stuff because once you get into it, you do it over and over. You get me going with an 1s one, um, producing son of a bitch. So it's better to be cognizant of it in advance and nip it in the bud. Nos. You can't make a mistake because we'll cut it out at your behest. Leave the podcast app open until you see something afterwards that says 100% uploaded and then we're good to go and have a really good time and a productive conversation. 1s We'll turn it into a bunch of marketing gold or something like that. Depends on what you're talking about. 1s And that's it. 2s The ending is a let down, I'll give you that.