March 28, 2022

Launching Startup Podcasts

Launching Startup Podcasts

Businesses have always hired us for six-months of production at a time. 

We've discovered a more flexible solution, and we've got two great examples of this Startup Podcast service. 

Instead of a back and forth with ongoing production.....

Now you simply take the hardware for 30 days, and record 8-10 hours of conversation in your niche.  We support you through the process, and make sure important people don't waste time.

You get a podcast website & promotional trailers as soon as you get started.  That way, even your first guests are dazzled by the scope of the project.

Check out the two new startups below - click to see their sites & promos.

The Background Check Podcast |
This is an employment and staffing related podcast - brought to you by Data Screening, and hosted by VP of Sales & Mktg, Fred Amicucci. 

The Process Teller Podcast |
A bank process-automation podcast - brought to you by Roth Automation, and hosted by Jonathan Roth.