Feb. 2, 2023

Artificial Intelligence & Podcast Artwork

Artificial Intelligence & Podcast Artwork

This is the first episode from the second season of attorney Melissa Rosenblum's podcast. (MightyMERP.com)Her first guest of the season is the current President of the New Jersey State Bar Association, Jeralyn Lawrence. 

We created custom episode artwork for the podcast apps, based on Jeralyn's biography and topics. (We're talking about the square, thumbnail image that appears next to the episode in most apps)

Here is the language used to direct the artificial intelligence and the final product is above.

Episode art: A conceptual image of two wedding bands intertwined in an abstract way, representing marriage, partnership and family law. Bright colors with an emphasis on MERP pink. The rings are rendered in a flat graphic style with sharp edges and bold highlights in the style of Andy Warhol.

The ability to use artificial intelligence to drive some of our creative workflows is a cool new wrinkle in our client services. Stay tuned for more cool and Orwellian shit!